Elderflower Cordial

It’s elderflower season! Now is the time to harvest flower heads to make delicious elderflower cordial. I did exactly that last weekend when I discovered a tree laden with blossom at a friend’s small holding in Greytown. Elder is such an amazingly useful tree, providing fruit and flowers that have medicinal benefits as well being a tasty ingredient in cordial, syrup and even champagne. I’ve harvested the berries in autumn to make a delicious and nutritious cough and chest tonic.…

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Building Soil

Our plan for the next couple of years to the set up a row of vegetable beds running east-west in the back garden and surround this with a bee-friendly perennial herb garden. However, most of our garden is currently grassed, and the compacted clay is not ideal for intensive growing. Therefore we need to look at building soil and creating an environment that will encourage healthy soil life necessary for plants to grow. Complex Ecosystem A single tablespoon of earth…

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