Bill Mollison: Permaculture Profile

“Though the problems of the world seem increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”            – Bill Mollison Bill Mollison (1928 – 2016) is one of the creators of the permaculture movement, which he co-founded with his student, David Holmgren, in the 1970s in Australia. Together they jointly developed a framework for a sustainable agricultural system based on a multi-crop of perennial trees, shrubs, herbs, fungi, and root systems, which they coined permaculture (permanent – culture).   Bill…

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Comfrey: Permaculture Profile

Symphytum spp. Boraginacaea family Comfrey is the queen of permaculture plants, and is a powerhouse in the permaculture garden – attracting pollinators and beneficial insects, providing medicinal value, and enriching soil with nutrients.   Varieties and Cultivars There are several different varieties including Symphytim officinale (medicinal comfrey), S. ibericum (dwarf comfrey) and S. uplandicum (Russian comfrey). Sizes of these vary. ‘Bocking 14’ is a sterile variety of Russian Comfrey and so is worth considering if you want to plant comfrey in discrete areas in a small garden and not…

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