There is a poverty of ambition if you don’t think you can make a difference in the world”  – Barack Obama

Berhampore Urban Resilience Permaculture in Practice is the story of our small urban garden.

These pages are intended to share our lessons and learnings in scaled urban permaculture on our suburban property in Wellington. It is our hope that by sharing, others might be encouraged to attempt to grow their own and start to localise their own food supply.

Our key motivations for developing our garden are based on:

  • being able to locally source some of our food without relying entirely on external resources;
  • building resilience into our local network to help us continue to thrive should external resources become compromised;
  • the use of permaculture principles to promote the caring for our environment, reducing our detrimental impact and ensure there is room for nature to thrive.
  • learning and teaching – this encompasses experimenting in own own backyard and inspiring and teaching others what we learn. Some of this information will appear in blog posts and in permaculture profiles.

We see growing our own food as one of the simplest yet most effective way of helping ourselves and others. While it may only provide us as a family with just a small portion of our needs, it also gives us a sense of independence, resilience and belonging to the area. If we can encourage others in our area to do the same, then as the network of local food growers widens, the exponentially more resilient the community becomes.

Hopefully folk can also see some of the benefits we have gained through adopting a permaculture approach to the garden’s design, implementation and maintenance, and feel inspired to try some of the techniques themselves.