Lessons from Urban Chickens – Part 1

It has been just over six months since we introduced our three ladies to the garden so I thought this would be an opportune time to provide an update on how the chooks are getting on and what we have learned so far. I have to say I am still completely enamoured with our chickens and they are now such an integral part of our back garden. I tip my cap to them every morning as I leave for work and…

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Urban Chickens

Urban Chickens They’re here! The eagles have landed!! After many years of dreaming about owning chickens (and far too many months building a coop), we are now the proud parents of three beautiful ladies. And not only have these chooks found us, but they’ve found a home in the coolest little suburb in Wellington. So please welcome our three lovely hyline pullets, procured pre-teen at 13 weeks, and (we like to think) saved from a life in a cage. We’ve …

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Tennants Wanted

TO LET 1st floor studio apartment with enclosed garden and full  board. Accommodations boast good natural lighting and are tastefully decorated. Perched within a fine neighbourhood, with exceptional views. Would suit a small brood of females (2-3). No males, sorry. Available immediately. We are hoping would-be tenants will soon be flocking to see this wee gem.       Please follow and like us:

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Building Chicken Coopery – a story in pictures

Since before we even had a plan, chickens were in the plan. And for some unexplained reason I felt the that it was my compelling duty to personally provide a hand-built shelter for planned chooks. This sense of duty persisted, despite my complete lack of joinery experience and not having ever built anything with wood before. To be fair, I do have some experience with working with wood, but it is more reductive than constructive and limited to carving spoons.…

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